Dokideux Panikku

Design & Program: Emmett Butler (@emmett9001)

Design & Art: Diego Garcia (@radstronomical)

Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Avoid obstacles and pits, and be gentle!

Made in several hours for the 2012 What Would Molydeux? game jam, this game is based on the following tweet from @petermolydeux :

"Imagine if your player avatar feared you? became anxious if you press the buttons too hard and fast etc?"

That sums up the concept pretty well - it's a pretty classic platformer with the added twist that if you press the arrows too fast, your character gets more and more nervous, to the point where he'll stand still, frozen in terror. (That's typically when you lose).

Made with Actionscript, Flixel, and the Flan map editor.

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