Heads Up! Hot Dogs is an All-Beef, All-Action Frank Fest created by Emmett Butler & Diego Garcia and Published by Adult Swim Games for iPhone and iPad in 2012. Use one or two fingers to drag and drop sausages and sandwiches from the cold, hard streets to a warm, cozy noggin. The Three-Second Rule dictates that these franks will fester if left by the roadside, so lift them up and let them ride in style.

It comes complete with a custom-crafted soundtrack by Space Boyfriend and knife city. Intended as a passion project and learning experience, Heads Up has matured into a full-featured game with a full cast of unsuspecting citizens, environmental hazards, and 7 unique cities to unlock and master. Truly, this is the most thrilling drag and drop session never before seen on sweet mother earth.

We're all extremely proud of how far this little game has come -- created almost entirely on weekends in our living rooms, working around full-time jobs and educational careers. We were flabbergasted to see the positive response to our announcement trailer and we were even more taken aback when we were approached by Adult Swim Games to publish the game.

So go buy Heads Up! Hot Dogs! We love you! You love it. You love hot dogs. You do.


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